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Jane Longstaffe

Born in Barrie, ON

Graduated with a diploma in Material Arts

Georgian College, Barrie Campus 1974

Graduated with a BA Fine Art Major

University of Guelph, 1994

Currently living and making art in Holstein, ON

Jane Longstaffe has been making art since she first painted on her mother’s walls. She has explored many art mediums since than and found her true love in the form of welded steel sculpture. What draws her to work in metal is the diversity of the material. One of her goals is to challenge the image of steel as a hard, cold, rigid medium. Another is to explore the flexibility of steel by using it in unconventional ways. Sometimes she draws on her background as a weaver to translate fabric designs and texture into metal sculpture. Each of Jane’s works begins with an idea, but the outcome is directed by the piece itself. And always, Jane’s goal is to have fun.

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